5 Reporting

About Impact Investor Reporting

Apply to yourself as an investor the same standards of transparency and accountability that you expect of your investee organisations. This implies:

  • asking yourself the same questions as those asked of investees in monitoring and evaluation
  • responding with regular transparent high quality reporting

5.1 Impact Investor Reporting

Prepare the impact report in accordance with the principles of:

  • Clarity

    including a clear account of the portfolio make-up and the role of the different investments

  • Accessibility

    including easy web-access to the report in readily comprehensible formats

  • Transparency

    including a true picture of results and a robust and honest use of data

  • Accountability

    including accountability to investee organisations, other investors, and relevant further stakeholders

  • Verifiability

    including assurance of the informational quality of the results

  • Proportionality

    including a proportional treatment of the organisations and investments within the portfolio

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